Peel Boats HQ

Noeleen & Chris have been operating and selling boats in the Peel region since 2005.

They have extensive knowledge and experience in sales, and have a unique and proven sales system that works, and leads to a smooth and successful settlement for the seller and purchaser.

They have experience in the Peel Waterways, specifically the inland waterways, since owning and operating “Mandurah Houseboats” for 9 years. During this time they also built their own commercial houseboat and were involved in the construction of several others.

They understand that every buyer has unique needs to be met, and give their time generously to achieve a positive outcome for the purchaser. They’re always available to talk to, or respond to, and potential purchaser or seller.

They are also the state distributors for “Runaway Bay Pontoons”

Runaway Bay pontoons are Australia’s leading manufacturer of luxury pontoons, with their main feature being the strength and quality of construction.

Pontoons are constructed 2.5mm marine grade aluminium, with fully tested bulk heads every 1700mm,ensuring Runaway Bay pontoons are the strongest built, Australian made pontoons, with only silver tinned wiring used.

This strength ensures longevity of the vessel, and in turn the vessels hold their resale value.

If the vessel does sustain any damage, all components are readily available from QLD.

The vessels can be completely customised to clients requirements, and delivery is 6-8 weeks.

Peel Boats HQ have a 24″, tri hull display model launched, which is available for immediate viewing and sea trial, in the Mandurah Ocean Marina.

Peel Boats HQ also offer a complete repair service, to any makes of pontoons, and can supply new pontoons from Runaway Bay at very competitive rates.

They also offer a complete maintenance and anti foul service.

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