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Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats

This vessel is for sale, $69,950

Peel Boats HQ are state distributors for Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats. This Queensland based company are Australia’s leading manufacturer of luxury pontoons, with their main features being the quality and strength of the construction, suitability for salt water conditions, and the balanced floatation. Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats are constructed 2.5mm marine grade aluminium, with fully tested bulk heads every 1700mm, ensuring Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats are the strongest built, Australian made pontoons, with corrosion free silver tinned wiring used. This strength ensures longevity of the vessel, and in turn the vessels hold their resale value. If any damage is sustained, all components are readily available from Queensland, and can be replaced in sections. The vessels can be completely customised to client’s requirements, including any colour combination, size and make of motor, and delivery is 6-8 weeks. Peel Boats have a 24” available for immediate delivery, we can have you floating for Christmas! Peel Boats HQ can also supply and install new pontoons for any make at competitive rates, and offer a complete repair and maintenance/anti foul service.
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