Noeleen & Chris Cole

With over 9 years experience in selling houseboats, Chris and Noeleen offer personalised, and knowledgeable advice on anything to do with houseboats and sales.

Why Choose To Sell Your Houseboat with Noeleen & Chris?

Noeleen & Chris have been operating and selling houseboats for over ten years now, and in this time, they have gained extensive knowledge and experience, not only about these unique boats but also the in-depth first hand knowledge of what issues will arise with live aboard vessels, the ongoing maintenance required and the nuances of buying and selling this specific type of boat.

Over the years, Noeleen & Chris have understood that every buyer has unique needs to be met, and their experience in operating their own houseboat hire company for nine years has left them with a wealth of knowledge on all things houseboating, that allow them to guide the purchaser and seller through the sales negotiation, as we head to a smooth and successful settlement.

There are many boat sellers around that are very knowledgeable about boats, but when it comes to selling houseboats, you only have to ask around and you will discover that Noeleen and Chris know, live and breathe houseboats and are the people you can rely on if you are looking to either sell, or buy, a houseboat.

The bottom line is we specialise in houseboats, we have experience in building houseboats to a commercial standard, we have an intimate knowledge of the Peel waterways, and we are always available to talk to and respond to any potential buyers or sellers.

If you would like to chat with the houseboat experts, or view our range of houseboats for sale, please phone Noeleen on 0438 058 112

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